Using monitool
   is simple: 


1.  Register on the monitool website and create a project. At this time we have a limited beta release for farm runoff projects that measure nitrate concentration in water samples. Beach water quality projects are under development.

2.   After a project is defined, purchase a set of test kits for sampling. Each test kit includes test strips and a special calibrator card designed for the project.

3.   Download the monitool application containing all of the project information to your smartphone.

4.   At the sample site, follow the instructions on the monitool application. It will instruct you to dip the test strip in the water sample before placing the strip on the calibrator card. The application will wait for the test strip to fully react to the sample, and then capture an image of the strip and the calibrator card. 

5.   Review the captured image and click the send button to transfer the image to the Gauge cloud where the value of the sample is precisely calculated. The sample location, date, time and calculated result are stored in the Gauge cloud for later access.

6.   Log into your data vault on the monitool website to view, map or report on the sample results. The test strip image and any other photos taken at the sample site are stored along with the sample data.