Our Mission

Gauge Scientific is a pioneer developer of highly accurate, low-cost immunoassay testing systems for point-of-care medical diagnostics. The company is now applying its proprietary, fluorescence detection technology to agricultural and environmental applications. Gauge Scientific provides advanced development and production services with marketing partners to deliver portable diagnostic systems for growers, manufacturers, distributors and even consumers.With TerraTest Gauge Sci will crowdsource the measurement of pollution and make mapped data available online

The Market

Growing levels of soil, water, and air pollution have sharpened our awareness of how environmental agents can affect us, increasing the need to check the safety of what we eat, drink and breathe. Wholesale fish companies worry about mercury in the fish they buy, produce-packaging companies worry about pesticides on the food they sell, and new mothers have concerns about how contaminants may affect their newborns
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Laboratory tests can provide assurance but are expensive and take weeks to complete. Gauge Scientific can address those concerns with its proven, fast, on-site testing technology. Contaminated food and water cause an estimated 2 billion illnesses and 1.8 million deaths worldwide each year, according to the World Health Organization. This has led to $10+ billion/year global market for environmental monitoring and testing. In the U.S., federal and state governments continue to tighten regulations limiting environmental toxins and mandate increased monitoring by commercial producers and distributors. The EPA alone spends nearly $5 billion annually on clean water programs. More than 85 % of environmental testing is today performed in labs using traditional “wet chemistry” which requires days or weeks for results and can cost hundreds of dollars per test. Testing options are similar to pregnancy testing decades ago, when couples anxiously awaited the results of lengthy and expensive lab testing. Now, test strip technology has made pregnancy testing a quick, inexpensive home procedure that provides privacy and reliability. Gauge Scientific has shown that high precision application of the same immunoassay technology can make possible broad new applications in agricultural and environmental monitoring.